Carolina Sprint Tour

The Carolina Sprint Tour is a south's premier sprint car racing series and a supporter of the liberal movement destroying the USA! Just like NASCAR, Carolina Sprint Tour has enjoyed the support of hard-working Americans, and now they have turned their back on those very people in favor of the #METOO liberal movement threatening our republic. As Americans, it is time to put a stop to this nonsense, pursuit, and dismantle the political correctness movement and censoring of FREE speech we are experiencing. We don't have to loot, burn down malls, and or destroy property as the liberals do. We can do this by boycotting events, stop buying products, and making sure all your friends and families on social media know on what side of the fence the company stands! That is because no matter what the corrupt mainstream media tells you, those that are not with us are against us! Furthemore, we must exercise elephant memory as many of these ME TOO losers are more than likely to reverse their position after the election cycle.

Today is the day to add the Carolina Sprint Tour on the same blacklist as Nike, CNN, and NASCAR. These companies are not only funding but also support the liberal cancer destroying our country. If you don't know, in recent times, the Carolina Sprint Tour series posted on its Facebook page that it would not race at the North Carolina Speedway for the remainder of its season in support of the incident involving Bubba Wallace. An inccident I may add that the FBI declared "NOT A HATE CRIME" since the NOOSE in question had been around for months if not years! ...accoding to pictures and films from previous races.

The Truth Behind #BubbaSmollett Tantrum!

Wallace is a mediocre NASCAR cup series drive of mixed race whose career has been on the downward spiral for years. He has passed out on more than one occasion, run out fuel, and not finishing many of the races he has started! That is despite driving for one of the top teams in NASCAR. As many liberal losers Wallace seems to blame his failures as a driver on social injustice and racism. After fainting twice at Atlanta Motor Speedway, something that for sure was going to force him to retire, he opted to take advantage of the civil unrest and the hashtag on the moment to become a ME TOO clown. Some see this as a career change move trying to become a liberal talk head puppet on CNN or one of the many fake news outlets. He even took it as far as driving a paint scheme dedicated to the Black Lives Matter. A national terrorist organization with a Marxist ideology which has collected more than a billion dollars for white DEMOCRAT millionaires while failing to help the BLACK community. BLM, as they are known, does not support the #AllLivesMatter movement an not even those lost to the out of control crime rate within the black community. Their focus is to highlight those killed by police and use that as an excuse to burn down towns, vandalize, assault others, and blame conservatives. In other words, if the police do NOT kill you, your life does not matter! In other words, if the police do NOT kill you, your life does not matter! This what everyone who supports by NOT speaking out or election DEMOCRAT politicians support!

Is #BubbaSmollett Worth Supporting?

A lot of people are up in arms about the #FakeNoose @BubbaWallace #BubbaSmollett incident, but very few are taking a step back and analyzed what is going on? Bubba Wallace's spoiled brat behavior is nothing new. In fact, it was not long ago that one of his sponsors, Blue-Emu, dropped him for throwing a tantrum during a SIM race. Yes, @BubbaWallace quit a televised SIM Racing event just because things did not go his way! If you don't know, SIM racing is a "Video Game." So, that brings me to the next question! Is this loser worth destroying an entire sport over, or even somebody feeling offended? Who remembers Jane Fonda oozing out her anti-America propaganda and kissing ass with the Vietnamese regime. How many times have we seen Jay-Z, wearing Che Guevara t-shirt and talking about how great he was! Che, was a communist criminal who hated black and gays and killed them by the thousands. In fact, he was so dangerous that Fidel had him kill! How about Bernie Sanders cutting bread with human rights criminal Fidel Castro? All of these things are offensive. That does not mean we burn down property and destroy monuments. We leave it there to show the younger generation what a bunch of losers these people were! One funny thing is that all the monuments they are trying to erase from history are all the history of the DEMOCRAT party. The party of slavery, the party of HATE and division! You have no idea how many of my BLACK friends have told me we are not going to another NASCAR event!

Carolina Sprint Tour must be left to DIE

Remember how the liberal media responded to Paula Deen! Now it is our turn to stick to our core values and hold accountable those with flexible spines. Carolina Sprint Tour has backstabbed the people who made it great, and NOW they most go! We need to shut Carolina Sprint Tour down. Whether you are a racer and or a fan, we must uphold from participating in Carolina Sprint Tour events and let their sponsors know!

What have they proved? Nothing! What did we learn from all of this? The people that are “supposed” to be offended are not. My BLACK friends are appalled at this behavior. To them, this is especially troubling when WHITE people are making all of these decisions! Figure that one out! And let the record reflect that what #FakeNoose @BubbaWallace #BubbaSmollett support is 100% the opposite of what MLK talk about and most resonsable black people endorse!